Our purpose is to be a safety net for dogs.

We ensure quality care for all dogs during their stay in the Hukari Shelter, we provide adoption services for Gorge dogs needing a permanent home which in turn reduces euthanasia, and we are a resource for local dog owners.

lucky-6Adopt A Dog Inc.is a non-profit charitable organization. We are staffed primarily by volunteers.  We work closely with the Hood River County Sheriff’s Office to provide every dog housed in the Hukari Animal Shelter high quality care during his or her stay”.

Since our inception in mid 2007, Adopt A Dog has cared for hundreds of canine shelter guests at an average of 275 per year. For those we have not been able to find homes for we have found alternative placements for rehab and eventual adoption.

Our goal is to care for, love, exercise, socialize and train our dogs twice a day, so they are ready to be adopted to loving and permanent homes.

In addition, we run both the Shelter’s on site and outreach adoption programs which endeavor to place homeless adoptable dogs in appropriate, loving, permanent homes. AAD policy insures that all of our dogs are sterilized before adoption.