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Foster a Dog Application


By making a commitment to foster a dog, you can truly change the life of a homeless pet. Fostering a dog in your home allows us to place our dogs into safe & loving homes while they await their permanent adoptive homes.

Adopt-A-Dog needs people who can offer dogs temporary homes while we find them permanent ones. No matter how hard Adopt-A-Dog volunteers work to provide excellent care in the shelter, it can’t compare to living in a loving home environment.

There is no greater satisfaction or rewarding experience than to watch a rescue dog blossom into a wonderful pet due to your own generosity & personal commitment to enrich his or her life. By fostering a homeless dog you help to increase its chances of being successfully adopted. Some dogs have never had a regular routine or schedule, so by fostering a displaced dog you greatly assist it in adapting to a home environment sometimes for his or her first time.

For foster homes, AAD supplies starter food, bedding, dog crate if needed, veterinary care and behavioral advice. You supply your time, affection and attention to the dog.