We feel strongly that dogs should be in homes appropriate for the dog and its family.

For various reasons people sometimes feel they must give up their pets. It’s important to recognize first that pets are living creatures capable of fear, love, pain, loneliness and joy. They should never be considered disposable property – they are members of the family.

rufus-afterAAD feels strongly that dogs should be in homes appropriate for the dog and its family. But when problems arise with a pet, giving him or her up may seem like the only answer. If you can find a solution to the problems and help make your pet a member of the family in good standing, that’s one less animal that needs rescuing. Both you and your pet will be happier.

If the problems cannot be resolved, then you may need help to find a good home for your pet. But Adopt-A-Dog encourages you to try to solve the problems first. If you don’t, it could cost your pet’s life.

AAD cannot accept or house your dog at the Hukari Shelter as Hood river county does not allow it. Only the sheriff or Police Dept can bring dogs to the shelter.

AAD may be able to assist you in RE-HOMING your dog if the following conditions
are met:

  1. We have an available foster home in which to place your dog
  2. A designated AAD person assesses your dog and determines it’s adoptability
  3. You complete a very thorough owner surrender assessment form
  4. You pay a $75 re- homing fee.

If you dog is accepted in to the AAD program we will market your dog like any other dog via pet finder, our website, flyers and internet venues.

Your dog will be vaccinated, spay or neutered, given a current rabies shot and micro chipped.