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Bottom line?
A trained dog is far less likely to end up back in a shelter.

trainYou and your dog will both be happier if you attend a basic obedience class and put what you learn into action. A dog who will reliably sit, stay, lie down, get off and walk politely on a leash is a pleasure to own and be around. That means he or she can go more places, join you in more activities and enjoy more favorable attention from family members, visitors, neighbors and other community members.

Training could also save your dog’s life. If your dog respects you as the leader of the pack, there’s less chance he’ll engage in dominant or rowdy behavior with other people and dogs. And you’ll have a better chance of stopping your dog before he runs out into a busy intersection or gets too personal with a porcupine.

The bottom line for Adopt-A-Dog is that a trained dog is far less likely to end up back in a shelter. The trainers below provide services to the Hood River community:

Hood River County Community Education
1009 Eugene Avenue
Hood River, OR 97031
Phone: 541-386-2055

Cascade Pet Camp – Cascade Pet Camp offers training classes throughout the year.
3085 Lower Mill Drive
Hood River, Oregon 97031

Sierra Likes Dogs – Sierra Molesworth graduated from the Karen Pryor Academy and has been working at animal shelters for over 3 years.  Additionally, she has over 2 years working at a doggie day care, and 2 years at a veterinary office.  She attended Dr. Ian Dunbar’s Off Leash Reliability and Games Workshop, and the Humane Society of the United States Conference.

Home at Last – Home at Last has a variety of reading materials that you can pick up at their shelter
200 River Road
The Dalles, OR 97058

Oregon Humane Society – Oregon Humane Society has great online training and behavioral information and tools. 
1067 NE Columbia Blvd.
Portland, OR 97211

Canines North
Shannen Fogary